Nomination Criteria

Before nominating someone or a business, please ensure that they meet the nomination criteria for the category you are nominating them for. We suggest you consult with the individual or business before you nominate them, and self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. A panel of judges consisting of university faculty, business community and eminent persons from the community, chaired by a retired judge of a county court will select three finalists in each category.

The three finalists in each category (with the exception of the Founder’s Award) will be submitted for a final vote by the community. Mshale founder will select the recipient of the Founder’s Award.


Presented to an African individual to showcase individual excellence in leadership as demonstrated by outstanding initiative, impact of work, and inspiration of others. With each award, Mshale publicly affirms present achievements, seeks to encourage further work on the part of the recipients, and hopes to motivate others to follow their lead in service to the African immigrant community.

Nomination Criteria

Must be an African immigrant or second generation African immigrant.


To honor and recognize a business that has demonstrated exceptional commitment in best business practices while serving the community exceptionally through service and high level of community involvement.

Nomination Criteria

The business (or franchise) must be majority owned by an African immigrant. Second generation African immigrants are eligible.


Given to recognize an African student who in addition to academic excellence has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the community through volunteerism.

Nomination Criteria

Must be a student from Africa or born to parents who are from Africa. Must be enrolled in an accredited college or university at the time of the nomination and must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.


This award is given to any individual legally resident in the United States who is not African born and is not a second generation African, any business not owned by an African or second generation African, or organization that is not operated by African-born or second generation Africans that through their activities or business practices or service offerings has proven effective in serving and meeting the needs of the African community in The Americas or Africa.

Nomination Criteria

Must be a United States company or organization that is not owned or operated by African-born or second generation Africans or an individual legally residing in the United States that is not African-born and is not a second generation African.


This category recognizes the important role played by the many nonprofit organizations founded by African immigrants or their offspring in improving our lives and communities in America and/or Africa. This Award affirms and celebrates excellent management of a non-profit organization and innovative programs that addresses issues and challenges pertinent to the African immigrant community in the United States or people in Africa. The Winning organization will be recognized for excellent achievement in non-profit management and innovative program conception and execution.

Nomination Criteria

The organization must be a United States registered 501(c) 3 organization. Proof of this will be required for all three finalists before being placed on the ballot.


This award recognizes an artist or group that displays competence in in all aspects of the entertainment field that is combined with a demonstrated commitment to community service initiatives. Consideration is given to not only the recorded performance of the artist but also to in-person performance, staging and overall contribution to the African immigrant community in the United States and/or Africa as well as the entertainment industry.

Nomination Criteria

The artist or group must have as its base the United States of America in addition to meeting the requirements of the category as described above.


Selected by the founder of Mshale Newspaper, this award is presented to an individual or group in special recognition of their efforts to use their position, talent or resources to further the well being or position of African immigrants in the United States of America or a demonstrated commitment to Africa through philanthropy, commerce or community development.

Nomination Criteria

This category is not open to nomination by the public and is decided solely by the founder of Mshale Newspaper.


This award is given to an individual and/or persons that within the past one year performed an exceptionally courageous act OUTSIDE of their normal duties of life or work. (Moran is the name for a warrior among the Maasai people of East Africa) The courageous act must have involved a significant degree of risk to their own life or career in order to advance a cause for the greater community good or to save someone else’s life at the risk of their own e.g. from a house or car fire or drowning.

Nomination Criteria

Must be an African immigrant or second generation African immigrant. Please submit proof of the courageous act such as newspaper clippings, official reports or witnesses.

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